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Formerly Dunnichen, Letham & Kirkden Church
Dunnichen, Letham & Kirkden Church was formed when 2 parishes combined. Kirkden Church was demolished in 1952, and now all that remains of it is a very pleasant church yard. Situated in this church yard is the bell from the church. Dunnichen Church closed, permanently, on 21st August 2011. The church has now been sold to a private buyer wishing to convert it into a dwelling. The church yard, which belongs to Angus Council, will, of course, be preserved and there will be complete right of access to it at all times.
Please note that the cemeteries and graveyards are owned and maintained by Angus Council. Burial records ar now available at

Letham Church,therefore, remains as the only Church for the Parish. It lies in the heart of Letham village and the hall is used by many local groups. The address is Dundee Road, Letham, Forfar, Angus DD8 2PP.

Everyone is invited to come to the services, held at 10.30am each Sunday, and will be made very welcome.

The Church Guild

Dunnichen, Letham & Kirkden Church Guild had to close in 2023 due to lack of people to run it. The Guild Members have joined with the Guild held at All Souls @ Lowson Church in Forfar. This meets every fortnight on Wednesday afternoons.

In The Picture

In the Picture is a produced 10 times a year and delivered to every property in the Village. It contains both church and community information. For more details and a digital copy please see the Church website The name of the website will vchange at some time in the near future.

In The Know Leaflet

The Church's Publicity Group produces an information leaflet. This will be updated every year and distributed to every household via In The PICTure, usually in the October issue. A copy of the leaflet can be viewed by going to the "Useful Numbers Page"

Times of Services

Services are held every Sunday at 10:30am, except on Remembrance Sunday, when the service will start in the church at 10am, and the progress to the Memorial in Depster Park for the 2 minutes silence.

The first Sunday of every month Communion will be held, after the main service. Communion is open to anyone who is baptized and who "comes in faith and loves the Lord". On the first Sunday in May and November there will be a full Communion service at the normal service time of 10:30am.
If you would like to know more about the church, please contact the Session Clerk

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